QRP Low Power Ham Radio

I managed to work DX to France on 30 meter CW with just 2.5 watts from this mountain top!

Today was a great day in the field. Got everything packed up and headed out to a familiar mountain top where I sometimes hike and camp. Not far from some great mountain biking (if you like 3+ mile climbs.)

My first 15 minutes or so seemed pretty dismal and I was wondering if there might be something wrong with my set up until I heard a call back from WD2E in Greeneville, TN. My signal there was weak, but propagation may not have been working in my favor for that distance.

So I was rolling through the band and heard a CQ/DX calling from France. It was F6BEE and I got in there on the first call… Some time later, I heard another F6 calling and got the contact! This time it was F6ARC. That’s two back to back 3,700 mile contacts on only 2.5 watts with the Yaesu FT-817…

73’s! Brian W3ATT (KB3ZHX)