2 meter homebrew 3 element gain antenna

With this 3 element Yagi for 2 meters, I hit my club’s repeater from 11 miles with full quieting with only 1/2 watt with the Yaesu FT-817nd

Have a low power 2 meter radio that’s not getting to your repeater? Try this home-brew 3 element yagi antenna that you can build for less than $20 bucks and get 7db of gain.

I was looking for a way to use the Yeasu FT-817 to reach my club repeater (Berks Amateur Radio Club,) but because of the terrain, I was getting reports of a weak signal and static. So I searched the Internet for a yagi-style antenna that I could build at home that would offer some directional gain.

I came across an article from QST magazine April 1993 that I thought was an easy build, and would give some good results and the results speak for themselves. I now reach the repeater through 11 miles of hilly terrain with full quieting on only 1/2 watt…

This antenna was so simple to build that it actually took longer to figure out what to buy than to assemble. And I found everything I needed at my local home center. A few pieces of copper tubing and some pvc pipe was all that I needed to assemble this directional antenna.

And with 7db of gain, 5 watts has the same effect as running over 20 watts to reach out to your repeater. If you have a higher power radio, 50 watts with 7db gain would give ERP of over 200 watts!

And it is highly directional…

Upon first test, I aimed the antenna in the direction that I thought it should go. I was hitting the repeater, but with some noise. I went outside and spun the antenna only 2-3 inches and nailed it dead on. Full quieting on 1/2 watt. Definitely worth the time to build this great little antenna.

Here’s the link to the article:


Hope you take on this project and get on 2 meters with your QRP rig or even your HT.


Brian KB3ZHX