Using the K2 to drive the KPA100 (100 watt amp,) I noticed on a true PEP watt meter that my power output was extremely unstable. I would get full power for a few seconds, and the the power would drop to 10 watts or less from the 100w amp.

Running the K2 with no amp didn’t change things either, it still dropped power after a few seconds bringing me down to 2-3 watts on peaks max.

I tried different mics, settings, etc, but no matter what I tried, nothing seemed to cure the problem.

Determined to prove my inner fears wrong (that the finals were weak,) I did a Google search and found an article which shed some light on my situation.

If seems that earlier (and maybe later) k2 owners all seemed to have similar issues – low power output on SSB. Many ops are experimenting with different mics and compression levels to get an acceptable output level of their k2’s to no avail.

But rest assured… You’re k2 IS capable of a steady output, and the answer is simple.

And the answer that cured my k2 of its ills was in a simple ALC setting. Well not really even a setting, but just by tap/hold the RF/ALC button to monitor ALC instead of power out allowed the radio to give nice voice peaks right at or above 100 watts and above.

If you’re experiencing the same issue, read this:

K2 low power SSB fix

Have fun!