Ham Radio InterferenceI’ve been hearing some terrible noise in the CW portion of 40 meters.. It comes and goes, and I’ve also heard it on 30 meters at times. The noise begins at around 7.021 and ends at around 7.034 completely covering up any signals in between. It sometimes goes for a half hour to an hour.

Am I the only one hearing this? It sounds like a power saw or something. There’s nothing unusually running in my house when I hear it, and I live in a very mountainous and rural area with underground power lines and no businesses around.

I am located in the north western part of Virginia. Please comment below:

Attached is an audio clip of the interference. You can hear me scrolling through it from end to end.

Click to hear about a one minute sample of the noise:



**Update 4/1/2015**  I have sent this recording to the FCC complaint website. This page gets over 100 hits per day from an average of 18 different countries worldwide. It is my hope, by posting this article here, to uncover the source of this interference and to preserve our CW portion of the Ham Bands.

If you feel that this interference is unjust to amateurs and would like to take part in the effort to have it moved from our tiny space in the radio spectrum, please visit http://fcc.gov/complaints and let them know. Feel free to reference this blog post and recording with your complaint.

Please share with fellow hams so that they, too, can do their part to help.